The Burden of Anxiety, the feeling of unworthiness, and how to get rid of it

Anxiety can make a mess of things in your life, and leave you broken, unsure, scared, and unhappy. Anxiety can lead you to feel like you are not important to anyone, and people don’t want to be in your life any more than they want you to be in theirs.

Simply put, anxiety makes you feel like a burden; an unwanted burden that nobody wants to be associated with.

It makes you think and believe negative things about yourself; that you are unimportant, unwanted, and unloved.

The feeling of anxiety makes you wary of everything you do, and leads you further into a shell where you live like a prisoner of yourself.

Here’s how anxiety affects your life and relationship

  1. You avoid socializing because you fear that you would be unable to hold a conversation, face a crowd, say the wrong thing, or make a fool of yourself. Deep down you feel like you don’t belong in such gatherings, like everyone is judging you even before they met you. You are afraid of rejection so you avoid people.
  2. You don’t return your friends’ calls or hang out with them because you feel like they don’t want to be friends with you, even though they do.
  3. You avoid people who are nice and friendly to you because you feel they want to trick you or blackmail you.
  4. You don’t go out because you are deathly afraid of all the people who will pass by you. You wonder if they will judge you based on how you look, or if they will hate you.
  5. You feel unloved in a relationship, and assume your partner doesn’t care for you as much as you do.
  6. You never voice your opinions even though you might have an intelligent idea. You feel like nobody cares and your opinions don’t count.
  7. You feel like nobody can relate to your struggles, no one understands the stress you are going through, and no one appreciates your hard work. You wish that someone will appreciate your effort and pay you a compliment but it never comes, so you become more unsure.
  8. You feel like you will never be successful. You lack inspiration because you don’t think anything you do will measure up. Your dreams seem unattainable so you let it be.

Here’s what you should know

You must never settle for less because you think you don’t deserve something better; you do!

Don’t allow the feeling of unworthiness get to you because you are loved, important, and appreciated.

Remember that the thoughts and worries are merely tricks that anxiety is playing on you. Your friends love you, your partners love you, and nobody is judging you like you think they are.

Don’t hate yourself; hate your anxiety instead and conquer it.

Speak up when you want to. Meet people, be happy, live your life to the fullest.