Bus Station Opens doors to homeless Dogs and help them escape the cold

As winter slowly approaches, a few kind hearted staff at the Barreirinha bus terminal in Brazil decided to give lodging to some stray dogs caught in the elements without a place to go. Temperatures can get especially cool from June to September, which is considered by many as Brazil’s ‘winter.

The employees made space for the dogs, made them animal beds from old tires wrapped in blankets, and continue to provide them with food and water.

The employees named the pooches Max, Pitoco, and Zainho, and gave them a home; something they might have never had.

The goodness of these people didn’t go unnoticed as many persons, including politician Fabiane Rosa, have shared photos on social media and appreciated their kind gesture.

Even the dogs must feel grateful for the show of love from good people who practice such admirable acts of kindness.