10 Strange and Weird-Looking Animals you never knew existed

The animal kingdom is filled with all manner of animals with different shapes and appearances. Whether or not you love to discover new animals, these ones will shock you, and perhaps intrigue you enough to want to see them for yourself.

The Sea Lamprey, from the North Hemisphere

The sea lamprey is scary, with its resemblance to eels, and its parasitical nature that makes it feed on fish. Sea lampreys are local to saltwater but can be found in freshwaters of the Great Lakes.

Crocodiles with ‘sticky’ snouts in India

The Gharial is an interesting species of crocodiles that is native to India and has outlived dinosaurs. It has long snouts like a toothy stick.

Marabou Stork In Africa

Also called undertaker birds, marabou stork lives on waste and rotten meat, and can be pretty aggressive. Its gross habits however keeps the savanna clean.

Goblin Sharks from the deepest seas

The goblin shark resembles ancient animals, and is one of the most unusual specie found in the deep sea.

 It has a chilling appearance with its protruded snout, creepy body.

Coconut crabs of India and the Pacific Ocean

The Coconut crabs are massive creatures that grow continuously for over 100 years. They are native to the island in India and the Pacific Ocean.

Star-Nosed Moles

Also called Tiny Demogorgons, this extraordinary animal has thousands of sensors and can smell underwater. This creepy animal is king in its world

The aye-ayes of Madagascar

This creepy looking mammal is near extinction with only about 100 remaining in the world.

We might not be seeing these weird-colored eyes anymore in the near future.

The Cyclops of California

Cyclopes are not a figment of filmmakers’ imaginations but an actual animal from the Gulf of California. Cyclopes not only look strange, they can be birthed by sharks in and even humans in a rare anomaly called cyclopia.

The Olms Of Europe

The Olms are native of Central and Southeastern Europe live and breed in water. They are quite unusual and poisonous.

See a real Vampire Bat in South America

Vampire bats of Central and South America consume meat and blood amongst other foods. It is the actual bloodthirsty vampire, and has creepy habits.