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  • The Burden of Anxiety, the feeling of unworthiness, and how to get rid of it
    Anxiety can make a mess of things in your life, and leave you broken, unsure, scared, and unhappy. Anxiety can lead you to feel like you are not important to anyone, and people don’t want to be in your life any more than they want you to be in theirs. Simply put, anxiety makes you feel like a burden; an unwanted burden that nobody wants to be associated with. It
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  • Most incredibly looking caves in the world you must visit
    There are so many beauties in the world that we have not explored because we don’t even know they exist. Most of these beautiful sights are underground; in caves, beneath the seas, and in underground locations. Here are some amazing caves found in different parts of the world that are so beautiful and surreal you would think they existed in another realm. Perhaps after this view you would have your
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  • Bus Station Opens doors to homeless Dogs and help them escape the cold
    As winter slowly approaches, a few kind hearted staff at the Barreirinha bus terminal in Brazil decided to give lodging to some stray dogs caught in the elements without a place to go. Temperatures can get especially cool from June to September, which is considered by many as Brazil’s ‘winter. The employees made space for the dogs, made them animal beds from old tires wrapped in blankets, and continue to provide them with food
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  • 10 Strange and Weird-Looking Animals you never knew existed
    The animal kingdom is filled with all manner of animals with different shapes and appearances. Whether or not you love to discover new animals, these ones will shock you, and perhaps intrigue you enough to want to see them for yourself. The Sea Lamprey, from the North Hemisphere The sea lamprey is scary, with its resemblance to eels, and its parasitical nature that makes it feed on fish. Sea lampreys
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  • 15 Powerful Habits of Super Happy Couples
    Relationships are not always rosy. It is a rollercoaster experience that comes with its ups and downs. It is impossible to find a perfect relationship; the best you can have is a relationship constantly being worked on and improved.   In this article, you will find 15 great habits of happy couples, what they do, and what they avoid. You can practice these habits with your partner for a happier relationship. 
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