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The Dangers of Using Non-Organic Tampons that Every Woman Should Know

Tampons have been in existence for so long. However, some women have not been taking their safety into consideration with the use of inorganic tampons. Over the years, the use of inorganic tampons has caused a lot of sicknesses and diseases to some women. Such diseases include fibroids, cancer, and pelvic inflammatory and endometriosis diseases. In support of this, some of the dangers in the use of inorganic tampons will be considered below.
         It may lead to an outbreak of several ailments as stated above. So many times in the production of cotton, a lot of herbicides and pesticides are sprayed on them. Later on, some inorganic tampons are produced from such cotton, hence making it dangerous for women to use such tampons.
·         Some cotton used in the production of the tampons is genetically engineered. This can result in the development of certain antibiotic resistant bacteria. This can have a long-term effect on the woman's body.
·         Some alternative tampons production processes can lead to the generation of dioxins at very low levels. The low levels of dioxin generation can result in the development of certain defects at birth and some immune problems.
However, considering the dangers listed above, one can conclude that it is preferable to use organic tampons.Organic tampons are made with 100% organic cotton. It is best for every woman to make use of 100% organic cotton tampons. The tampons produced without the use of pesticides and herbicides or any form of chemicals is referred to as organic tampons.There are certain benefits in using 100% organic cotton tampons.

  Little or no risk of any outbreak of diseases.   There is no reduction in the production of dioxins.    It does not produce antibiotic-resistant bacteria.   The use of 100% organic cotton tampons reduces the risk of having fibers flow into your body.
Considering the facts stated above, it is better to use 100% organic cotton tampons, as they make you free from several risks of diseases. With organic tampons, you have got little or no worries.Furthermore, this also leads to why organic shampoo should be used instead of the chemical shampoos.

Why organic shampoos should be preferred to inorganic shampoo

Organic shampoos should be preferred for the following reasons:
·         It does not have any content of synthetic ingredients or chemicals. This means that it is biodegradable and not toxic to your health. In a word, organic shampoos are best for you!
·         It is excellent for your hair and your scalp. Organic shampoos are made with botanical ingredients that improve your skin and develop your hair follicles. This makes the use of organic shampoos preferable.
·         Organic shampoos improve the production of oil from your hair follicles. The oil produced, makes your hair shine.

There is more to why organic shampoos should be preferred to the chemical shampoos. However, we believe these facts are enough for you to make the right choice. Good luck! 

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