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75% of Pregnant Women at risk of giving birth to premature babies and by cesareans according to the finding of a Global Study

It has been found out in a medical research which entails the examination of 5000 pregnancy data in Asia, US and Europe that 23% of pregnant women do not gain enough weight recommended for pregnant women. More than 50% of pregnant women are also said to gain more weight than the recommended weight, this higher weight gain was more prevalent in western countries. This means that 75% are not getting the healthy recommended weight. The effect of this imbalance in weight is the increase in risk of premature birth, birth by caesareans and the prevalence of both obesity and excess gestational weight. Other important findings indicate that 7% of women were underweight and 38% were overweight at the time of pregnancy. Pregnant women having a higher weight gain are at a higher risk of having large babies which might lead to requiring a caesarean birth while women having lower weight are higher risk of premature birth.
A separate, landmark report released on by the Australian commission on safety…