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The Dangers of Using Non-Organic Tampons that Every Woman Should Know

Tampons have been in existence for so long. However, some women have not been taking their safety into consideration with the use of inorganic tampons. Over the years, the use of inorganic tampons has caused a lot of sicknesses and diseases to some women. Such diseases include fibroids, cancer, and pelvic inflammatory and endometriosis diseases. In support of this, some of the dangers in the use of inorganic tampons will be considered below.
It may lead to an outbreak of several ailments as stated above. So many times in the production of cotton, a lot of herbicides and pesticides are sprayed on them. Later on, some inorganic tampons are produced from such cotton, hence making it dangerous for women to use such tampons.
·Some cotton used in the production of the tampons is genetically engineered. This can result in the development of certain antibiotic resistant bacteria. This can have a long-term effect on the woman's body.
·Some alternative tampons production processes can lead to …
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Why You Should be Using Organic Tampons

Why You Should be Using Organic Tampons If you’re eating organic fruit, drinking from sustainable water bottles, and applying natural sunscreens, shouldn’t you also be paying attention to your choice of tampons? After all, tampons are going into your body every month, affecting your most vulnerable tissues.
Not only are organic tampons better for your health, the pesticide-free cotton used in organic tampons has a ripple effect on the rest of the environment and helps reduce your carbon footprint.
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